Date Description
2009-02-18 New function polmat::toeplitz for generating Toeplitz's matrix from matrix polynomial.
2009-01-28 The last version of Polmat was successfully tested within MuPAD 5.1.
2006-08-28 Function polmat::gcd was updated.
2006-08-04 Library was updated.
2006-03-07 Function polmat::plotRootCurve updated.
2006-03-05 New function polmat::plotRootCurve.
2006-02-14 New version of function polmat::gensylv. The first version of solver to linear equations with n-D polynomials, polmat::axbycnD.
2005-06-23 New version of polmat::gcd, polmat::axxab and polmat::spf.
2005-06-01 New version of function for matrix reduction.
2005-03-14 Polmat for MuPAD 3.1.1 is now available.
2005-01-03 Information about recommended MuPAD version is available in Sec. Download, Table Library.
2005-01-01 Polmat was updated. New version of manual was given.
2004-12-14 Faster reduction to Smith form, Hermite form. Matrix diagonalization.
2004-12-01 New version of polmat::spf
2004-11-20 Functions for Robust control
2004-11-16 Reduction to Popov form. Hurwitz and Jury matrix.
2004-09-21 New system of optional parameters.
2004-09-15 polmat::norm, polmat::list2poly, polmat::poly2listpolmat::gcd new or changed.
2004-08-13 New version of polmat::nehari
2004-08-10 Functions for reduction to Hermite form, computing of Schmidt pairs, solving of Nehari problem added.
2004-07-11 A polynomial matrix data type was changed. Now, the polynomial matrix is defined by Dom::Matrix(Dom::DistributedPolynomial).
2004-06-05 New section of this website exists. See Sec. Examples.
2004-06-02 Routh table construction given.
2004-05-04 Polynomial spectral factorization added.
2004-04-25 The completed symmetric polynomial equation solver given.
2004-04-04 The Polmat was updated. The determinant and solver of symmetric polynomial equations were given.
2004-02-26 New version of the Polmat was given. The documentation was update. See the Sec. Download.
2004-01-05 This website was started.